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Complete naval architecture service


Naval Architecture is our core expert activity. Through our integrated approach to yacht and boat design we implement all the naval architecture calculations and steps from the very start to provide clients with best possible base for developing their project.

In later stages all calculations are updated and all the design parameters are monitored regularly during craft development process. As a result, together with client, we have complete control over implementing changes and new solutions into the project, keeping the required boat characteristics in desired range.

The scope of our naval architecture services, both for motor and sailing craft, in all design stages include:

  • Market Research & Design Brief Writing

  • Specification (Technical Description) Writing

  • Concept Design Development

  • Hull-form Design and Development

  • Appendages Design (both sail & motor)

  • Boat Scantlings Design & Calculation

  • Load Case Definition & Weight Study

  • Stability Analysis & Calculations

  • Hydrodynamics & Performance Predictions

  • Propulsion System Design

  • Seakeeping Analysis

  • Model Testing (Towing tank & CFD)

  • Sails & Rig Design (Aero – Hydro pack)

  • Functional Deck Layout Design (Sailing Yachts)

  • Hull & Deck Equipment Design

  • Basic Systems Design

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