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Project management from Concept Design to Production


Giving birth to yacht, starting from concept design all the way to commissioning and sea trials, is very intensive and complex process that requires multi-disciplinary approach in different stages. Understanding the whole process, as well as mutual influence of its parts is of exceptional importance for the success of the project.

Opposite to that, for future owner or client, this process is supposed to be unique, creative and freeing life experience.

In order to help you manage whole project from start, or only small parts of it, we are ready to jump in at any moment to help you keep the right track. Contact us with confidence and we will do our best to make this trip unforgettable part of your life you will tell stories about in some peaceful bay or harbor someday.

  • Design process organization & management

  • Design process consultancy

  • Design process supervision

  • Production process/construction organization & management

  • Production process/construction consultancy

  • Production process/construction supervision

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