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Scantlings and Detailed Strcutral Design


Boat structure is backbone of every vessel. Giving support to all major parts of boat – hull, deck and superstructure – it is essential part that provides the vessel with capability to safely operate in conditions she is designed for, and with the purpose she is designed for.

TP Yacht Design excels in the design of both steel, aluminum and composite boat structures. Implementing three main principles of structure design (alignment, continuity and capability) we tend to design optimal structure that works well with rest of vessel in all aspects: weight, structural, functional and esthetic – which is as well part of our integral design approach.

The scope of our structural design & engineering services include:

  • Concept Structural Design

  • First Principal Calculations

  • Load Predictions

  • Design to Classification Society Rules

  • Scantlings Design & Calculations

  • Mast & Rig Structural Design

  • Structural Details Calculation & Design

  • FEA Analysis

  • Laminate Plans Design

  • Nesting & Core Kit Preparations

  • Global Strength Analysis

  • 3D Modeling

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