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TP Yacht Design

Our story was born in 1990. Ever since, strong passion for boats and yacht, sailing and design grew every day intensively. Today, we are boutique naval architecture and yacht design studio offering high value of our expertise in naval design and engineering, and passion for esthetics, elegance and sailing mainly to small boat and yacht manufacturers or individual clients.
Our mission is to bring expert knowledge, skills and experience to small boatbuilding increasing technical and esthetics value to end product. To achieve that we give special care to basic design and engineering values: expert knowledge, consistent methodology and team work, of course. Combined all together proved to be 

Image by Herry Sutanto

Yachts, Boats and Sailing are not just our profession, they are our passion and our lifestyle. 

TP Yacht Design - Design Process
TP Yacht Design - Influence-Cost Curve

Design Process

Design process and methodology are two things we put many attention to. Although many times it is considerate 'theory only', we believe consistency and methodological approach are most important skills and habits every good naval architecture and/or engineering studio must stick to. It gives us opportunity to follow our work and compare results between different stages and projects.

Another important fact is that designing a boat is iterative process, having many project variables influencing and interfering each other. Having that said, every design starts with estimating starting parameters in the design process. After first estimations, all other dependent variables are directly calculated, and at the end of each circle getting closer to final value. (see Figure 1)

Another important skill is to understand the process flexibility (Figure 2). 
Concept design requires many changes and different variations of proposed project. Each change in early start of project concept design sketch cost very little but influences the project a lot. On the other hand, change in later (detailed design) stage requires changer of most previous decisions  .

Team Members

Tomislav Prosinečki

Tomislav Prosinečki


Lead Naval Architect

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Ujal Abbasli

Ujal Abbasli

Lead Designer

Exterior & Interior Designer

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